8 Misconceptions About Breakdown Cover

The misconceptions and misinformation surrounding breakdown cover can keep you from getting the help you need in emergency situations. In this article we will go over some of the biggest misconceptions about this type of cover. The more factual information you get on this subject, the easier it will be to make an informed decision. You will need to make sure that you know everything you need to before deciding what to do. The fact is that breakdown cover is a necessity for pretty much all drivers, and you’ll want to know why.

  1. Breakdown Cover is Expensive

Some people avoid getting breakdown cover on their car insurance policy because they think it costs too much. In actuality, you probably won’t end up paying more than £20 to £30 extra per year. The total cost varies depending on how extensive your cover is. Even a comprehensive policy is usually only around £70 per year. This is something that most people can afford, but very few actually take advantage of.

  • There are Severe Limits

While it is true that most providers have a maximum number of times that you can use your breakdown cover, it’s usually not an issue. Unless you are constantly breaking down in your vehicle, you shouldn’t have any problems. It is important to know what the limit is on your policy though. If you are in the process of looking for breakdown cover, this is something you should pay close attention to. There are breakdown cover policies that are unlimited, but they tend to cost significantly more.

  • It is Always Slow

If you are afraid that it will take forever for your provider to send help out, you can rest assured that this typically isn’t the case. Most people who call for a technician only have to wait 10 to 30 minutes. This is a lot better than hoping that you can find a friend or family member to come to your rescue if you break down on the road. Make sure that you find a provider that is reliable and has a good track record for responding to calls promptly.

  • You Can’t Get Help Outside of the UK

You can actually opt for European breakdown cover, which is an extra add-on feature that gives you full services anywhere on the continent. This can be very useful if you are travelling outside of the UK. This is definitely worth paying extra, especially if you do drive to different places in Europe regularly or semi-regularly.

  • It’s Not Worth Paying for

Breakdown cover can be worth the cost for some people more than others, but it’s a good thing for all drivers to have. Even those who drive new or newish cars can find themselves broken down on the roadside in need of assistance. It is always better to have the option to call a technician for help, and it will give you major peace of mind.

  • You Can Only get Breakdown Cover from Your Insurance Provider

Another common myth about breakdown cover is that you can only get it from your current insurance provider. The truth is that there are many independent companies that offer this cover that you can buy from. It is a good idea for you to spend some time reviewing your options so you can make the best possible choice. You don’t want to get this sort of cover from just any business. Take the time to see what some of these providers offer and how much they charge. This can help you get what you need while saving money.

  • There are Hidden Fees

The fact is that a vast majority of breakdown cover providers will not charge you any hidden fees. There will be a flat fee for each month or year that you will have to pay, and that’s it. It is all extremely simple and straightforward.

  • The Extras aren’t Worth Considering

There are lots of breakdown cover extras that are most definitely worth taking a close look at. These extras include Key Replace, which will help you get replacement keys if yours are ever stolen or go missing. There is also Battery Replace, which will give you a brand new battery for your vehicle if it dies and cannot be fixed or recharged. Take the time to consider some of these options before making any decisions.

When you take the time to learn about the facts of breakdown cover, you will most likely opt for it like so many others. There are still a lot of drivers in the UK who do not have this cover, and most of them end up regretting not having it at some point. This cover can provide you with swift and effective assistance if your vehicle ever breaks down on the roadway.

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